EonStor DS

Complete storage solutions delivering excellent price-performance ratios and advanced data protection

Enterprises require storage systems that enable continuous productivity and uninterrupted service. EonStor DS products deliver great performance thanks to innovative inclusion of the latest technology and interconnect standards. They feature renowned Infortrend reliability and an emphasis on high availability. Systems provide a modular design that makes maintenance and upgrades simple, especially with easily upgradable host boards. The product family stands at the forefront of SSD optimization and wide scalability, so that a diverse range of EonStor DS models readily meet enterprise needs, enhanced with user friendly interfaces and data services such as 4-level automated storage tiering, snapshot, smart media scan, and thin provisioning. 

Why EonStor DS?

  1. Mid-range DAS and SAN storage designed for SMBs
  2. High performance with segment-defining IOPS and throughput
  3. Storage solutions made easy, secure, fast, and efficient
  4. User friendly SANWatch software provides simple management and access
  5. Modular, cable-less design offers effortless maintenance and upgrades


Product Choices

* Models vary by region

4000 Series

Powerful RAID systems redefine mid-range performance, featuring dual host boards and 12Gb/s SAS integration

3000 Series

Fully-featured systems with modular host boards for high performance SAN/DAS applications

2000 Series

Extreme performance entry-level storage for read-heavy applications, made accessible to SMBs and loaded with advanced data services

1000 Series

Enterprise-class performance, data protection, and services and SMB-friendly price points for easy deployment

SAS-host Series

Designed to help SMB users implement high reliability DAS storage solutions with outstanding throughput and advanced data services

FC-host Series

Help SMB users deploy high availability FC SAN with outstanding price-performance ratios and advanced data services

JBOD Series

Add capacity quickly and easily to meet growing storage demands