EonStor GSe

Unified storage solutions delivering efficiency and power in a single consolidated file, block and object storage system with optional cloud-integration

Infortrend EonStor GSe Family provides unified storage solutions that incorporate full-featured NAS and SAN with enterprise level data services and RAID protection to deliver the best storage of the highest standards, allowing SMBs and SMEs to easily and cost-effectively integrate and expand their storage architecture into cloud services.

Why EonStor GSe? 

  1. Unified storage providing file, block and object storage
  2. Supports All-flash and hybrid configurations
  3. Outstanding IOPS and throughput performance
  4. Optional cloud-integration for easy expansion and stunning cloud-archive performance
  5. Comprehensive data protection and data services


Product Choices 

* Models vary by region

3000 Series

High performance unified storage with excellent reliability and availability that supports comprehensive SAN, NAS, and object workloads at an enterprise level

2000 Series

Great value unified storage solution with powerful performance, wide scalability, and enterprise data services

1000 Series

Affordable unified storage that supports comprehensive SAN, NAS, and object workloads

Pro 3000 Series

Cost-optimized Unified Storage with Cloud Integration for Enterprises

Pro 2000 Series

High-performance Tower Unified Storage for SMBs and Workgroups