2.5-inch Drive Storage

Optimize IOPS-per-U while trimming power costs

Compared to 3.5-inch drives, small form factor (SFF) 2.5-inch drives deliver higher performance density at lower power consumption. Infortrend is a leader in the market for storage systems integrating SFF drives. 2.5-inch drives greatly boost application productivity with a reduction in energy costs of up to 50%. To satisfy different service level requirements at optimal cost-efficiency, users are able to flexibly expand capacity using 3.5-inch drives. Especially for IOPS-intensive and space-critical environments,  Infortrend's SFF storage systems are an ideal solution to generate substantial business benefits with improved IT efficiency.

Features Benefits
Improved productivity Maximizes IOPS-per-U to increase productivity especially for transaction-intensive applications
Lower power consumption 2.5” disk drives consume 40% less power per IO than 3.5” drives
Reduced costs Lowers power, cooling and rack space expenses
Operational flexibility
  • Features traditional hard disk drives and SSDs
  • Expands capacity with 2.5" or 3.5" drives through expansion enclosures

* models very by region

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