Media and Entertainment

Optimize content creation with high-performance and reliable storage solutions

With the media industry rapidly evolving and becoming more complex, storage systems are challenged to meet ever increasing requirements. In order to fulfill these needs, current media storage is expected to provide high performance, stability, reliability and scalability, thus enabling high-speed and non-disruptive workflow from acquisition to post-production and delivery.

Infortrend storage systems meet these demands with proven throughput power, AV-optimized features, high fault-tolerance and flexible scalability for improved efficiency. In SAN and DAS or even NAS environments, Infortrend storage solutions easily enable media content creators to dynamically optimize productivity.


Media and Entertainment Solutions - with ATTO

Media and Entertainment Solutions - with Tiger

Media and Enteratinment Best Practice


  • Improve workflow efficiency of multiple simultaneous 4K, 2K, HD and SD streams with support for up to 490K random IOPS.
  • Scale up to 444 drives through uninterrupted JBOD online-expansion.
  • Support for the latest 12Gb/s 8TB drives to ensure your speed and the largest storage capacity in the market.
  • Redundant core components, such as controllers, PSUs and FANs, ensure high availability
  • Flexible interface options (8G/16G FC, 10G iSCSI and SAS) including hybrid iSCSI host ports and swappable host board design available.
  • User friendly SANWatch 3.0 UI minimizes the resources needed to configure, monitor, maintain and optimize storage systems.
  • Protect valuable media with advanced data integrity, backup and protection, including snapshot, remote replication, intelligent drive recover and volume mirror/copy.  
  • Reduce energy consumption by 60% with our efficient 80 PLUS power supplies and intelligent drive spin-down.

Point-in-time, space-saving copies

Local Replication

Snapshot and volume copy/mirror capabilities

Multi-pathing (EonPath)

Accelerate throughput and ensure uninterrupted operations

Remote Replication

Provides excellent solutions for disaster recovery, data backup or migration over a long distance


User-friendly management tool for Infortrend storage systems

Automated Storage Tiering

Meet service level requirements by optimizing the utilization of HDDs, SSDs, and RAID levels

SSD Cache

Greatly accelerate read IOPS

* models very by region

EonStor GS Family

Highly Available Comprehensive Cloud Integrated Unified Storage Systems

GS 1012
GS 1016
GS 2012
GS 2016
GS 2024
GS 3012
GS 3016
GS 3024
GS 3060
GS 4016
EonStor GSe Family

Unified storage solutions delivering efficiency and power in a single consolidated file, block and object storage system with optional cloud-integration

GSe 1012
GSe 1016
GSe 2012
GSe 2016
GSe 3012
GSe 3016
GSe Pro 2005
GSe Pro 2008
EonStor DS Family

Complete storage solutions delivering excellent price-performance ratios and advanced data protection

ESDS 3012
ESDS 3016
ESDS 3024
ESDS 3048
ESDS 3060
ESDS 4016