Solutions for Microsoft

Full optimization for Microsoft environments

Microsoft platforms and applications are critical for many businesses, and so are the storage solutions that support them. As a Gold Certified Partner and Virtualization Partner of Microsoft, Infortrend leverages its technical expertise to develop storage solutions integrated into and optimized for Microsoft environments. All ESVA, EonStor DS, EonNAS and EonStor storage systems have been certified by Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL) Testing as designed for Windows.

Seamlessly integrated with features for high availability and data protection, these high-quality systems provide your Microsoft applications, such as SQL, Exchange and Hyper-V, with agile storage infrastructures that deliver high scalability, reliability and availability at reduced costs and management overhead. Infortrend continues to work with Microsoft to deliver more solutions that offer unique competitiveness in common environments.

Features Benefits
Operational flexibility Offers a comprehensive range of products to be integrated into Microsoft-based environments with diverse host interface (iSCSI or FC), drive (SAS, SATA drives or SSDs), form factor (1U to 4U)  and price requirements
Simplified management Provides a user-friendly management platform to accelerate or even automate storage administration and backup tasks in virtualized environments
Reduced costs
  • Minimizes upfront purchases by allowing users to buy what  they currently need and expand performance and capacity  as needed to meet growing Microsoft application demands
  • Improves storage efficiency to cut administration, cooling and power expenses wasted on underutilized resources
Improved productivity
  • Delivers no-single-point-of-failure hardware designs, RAID protection, MPIO support, cluster support and data protection features to minimize unplanned system downtime
  • Support non-disruptive scaling and automatic load balancing to minimize planned downtime

* models very by region

EonStor GS Family

Highly Available Comprehensive Cloud Integrated Unified Storage Systems

GS 1012
GS 1016
GS 1024
GS 1024B
GS 2012
GS 2016
GS 2024
GS 2024B
GS 3012
GS 3016
GS 3024
GS 3024B
GS 3025A
GS 3025B
GS 3060
GS 4016
GS 4024B
EonStor GSe Family

Unified storage solutions delivering efficiency and power in a single consolidated file, block and object storage system with optional cloud-integration

GSe 1012
GSe 1016
GSe 2012
GSe 2016
GSe 3012
GSe 3016
GSe Pro 2005
GSe Pro 2008
EonStor DS Family

Complete storage solutions delivering excellent price-performance ratios and advanced data protection

ESDS 1012
ESDS 1016
ESDS 1024
ESDS 1024B
ESDS 1036B
ESDS 2012
ESDS 2016
ESDS 2024
ESDS 2024B
ESDS 3012
ESDS 3016
ESDS 3024
ESDS 3024B
ESDS 3048
ESDS 3060
ESDS 4016
ESDS 4024B